Additional services
Parking space
The hotel offers outdoor and underground parking for an additional fee.
Outdoor parking - 600 rubles per day
Covered parking - 1300 rubles per day
Fitness room
The hotel has a free gym for its guests.
The working hours are daily, 7:00-23:00.
Accommodation for people with disabilities
We strive to provide every guest with comfort and a high level of service.
The Welton Club Hotel & Apartments provides rooms for people with disabilities.
The room has large spaces for free movement around the room, handrails in the bathroom and a covering without steps.
You can get more detailed information
by phone +7 812 346 55 55

or by writing to us by email

Accommodation with animals
When placing guests in our hotel, pets are allowed – only cats,
dogs up to 50 cm in height.
The cost of accommodation with your four-legged friend is 1000 rubles per day. Upon arrival, a deposit is required to compensate for possible damage. Also, upon arrival, you must have a veterinary passport for your pet.
In the absence of any damage, the deposit amount will be fully refunded to the guest upon departure from the hotel.
Other animals are not accepted at the hotel.
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