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The stay at the hotel went well, and I would recommend this hotel to my friends.
Registration procedure: My booking was correct.
The registration process was carried out quickly and efficiently.
The staff at the reception desk was courteous, polite, smiling.
The employee gave his name and offered his help with any questions during his stay at the hotel. They wished me a pleasant stay.
Room: All the amenities in the room were provided accordingly.
The bed and bedding were comfortable.
Staff: The staff was friendly and welcoming.
The staff has knowledge about the area and the city and was able to fully answer all my questions.
Cleanliness: The room was clean and comfortable.
All public areas of the hotel were clean and comfortable.
The housekeeping staff was friendly.
Restaurant: The restaurant and bar staff were courteous.
The quality and serving of the food was excellent.
Room service was timely and of high quality.
The breakfast met our expectations, the dishes were fresh, varied and available.
Safety: The hotel accommodation was comfortable and safe.
The security service was available, if required.
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