Use of site materials
Rules for the use of materials published on the website "" (IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich)
1. These rules define the procedure and conditions for the use of materials posted on the site "" (IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich) (Hereinafter-The Website).
1.1. The copyright holder of text and graphic, photo, video materials posted on the Website "" is IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich, or such materials are used by IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich on legal grounds.
1.2. Photos, audio, video, text and graphic materials posted on the website "" they can be used in mass media, including Internet sources, including, but not limited to electronic publications, pages of Internet sites, in electronic files or other forms of use in electronic form, in the blogosphere and in social networks only with the written consent of IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich, as well as with the mandatory placement of a hyperlink to the main page of the site "".
1.3. When using the Materials in the ways provided for in clause 2 of these rules, any processing of the Materials is not allowed without the written consent of IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich.
1.4. In addition, all elements of the site "" including protected objects of intellectual property, namely:
- website design;
- content / content — text, graphic, photographic and other content of the site;
– the name corresponding to the site's domain name;
- a computer program (software or computer program) and a website database
they are under legal protection in accordance with part four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
1.5. IP Sahakyan Henrikh Armavirovich reserves the right to change and /or supplement these Rules at any time by posting their new version on the website "".
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